This ministry is dedicated to the single mother. Of all single parents in the United States, single moms make up the majority. According to the U.S. Census Bureau out of 12 million single parent homes, 80 percent were headed by women. Unfortunately in 2009, Valerie became a single parent to her then nine year old son when her husband left the family. The beginning was quite challenging but she placed faith and trust in God, and allowed Him to be the head of her household. If you are a single mom, YOU can do it! For nothing is impossible with God. Luke 1:37

When God started prospering Valerie, it was her desire to be a blessing to other single mothers whether it was taking them to lunch, honoring them on their birthday or even Mother’s Day. This ministry is in its infancy, however here are some of the events that will take place.

Single Mother’s Banquet

This annual banquet is by invitation only. Single mom’s will be royally treated with a special gift and dinner in their honor. We will contact various local churches and other outlets for honorees.

Adopt a Single Mom

It’s our desire to provide a gift to a single mother at Christmas and Mother’s Day. Many moms are so focused on providing for the children, but it’s such a blessing for them to receive a little token of appreciation for all that they do.

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This ministry was inspired by my mother Brenda Jones, who always made sure my son had money to give me a gift for my birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day and any other special moment. Also, thank you to Ms. Laura Bradley who often slipped money in my hand during prayer meetings... she also was a single mom in her earlier years. Thank you.