Valerie has been an accomplished makeup artist for over eighteen years and currently freelances for the prestigious Estee Lauder brand. Ever since the tender age of eight she so desired to be an artist. This natural God given talent has allowed her to work with many celebrities, television networks and cosmetic companies.

Regardless of your shape, size, height or weight, you have the potential to be a “Super Model for Christ.” Super means first rate, model means representation! God has given Valerie a powerful message for every woman to hear about inner and outer beauty. Her best beauty secret is “The Glory Glow.” That’s the inner beauty of Jesus that radiates on the outside!

This message will encourage you to accept the way the master designer so intricately formed and fashioned you for His Glory. Quit condemning the outer and build your inner, which will allow you to strut down the “catwalk of life,” representing the one true designer who paid the ultimate price for you to represent Him!

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